Matt Huff

Matt is a planner and project manager for GDC.  In his four years with the company, Matt has worked alongside surveyors, engineers, and architects, and has developed a great understanding of how to best achieve the desires of the client by efficiently coordinating the efforts of the design team.  Matt specializes in the initial design and conceptual stage of the project where selling an idea is paramount. His art and graphic design background provide him the skill to identify and convey important themes and imagery of a plan effectively through both hand and computer-generated graphics.

A true Nashville native, Matt has an inherent interest in the success and smart growth of the community that he has always called home.  His fondness for art came from classes and extracurriculars he participated in at Brentwood High School which, combined with his love for the outdoors, led him to the University of Kentucky’s Landscape Architecture program.

While at UK Matt met his wife Melissa who is a nurse at Centennial Hospital in Nashville and studying to become a Nurse Practitioner.  Matt and Melissa live in Berry Hill with their 4-legged son, Willett the Goldendoodle. In his free time, Matt loves to pursue his other passion (second only to Landscape Architecture, of course) of fishing. If you frequent any middle Tennessee lakes or rivers, you have likely seen him in his ‘92 Javelin, chasing after anything that will bite.