Founded in 2011, Greg Gamble envisioned a firm that could serve the landscape architecture needs of his clients in Franklin, TN and Williamson County. To date, Gamble Design Collaborative now thrives as a robust and growing team of experts who have collaborated on some of the most successful developments that Middle Tennessee and the greater Southeast US have to offer. With offices located in Franklin, TN and Florida, GDC is setting the standard for beautiful and functional development planning and landscape architectural design.

At GDC we continually move from vision into reality. Our specialty is to tell the story of every site’s future development by starting with crafting the plan. From downtown urban-infill to rural retreats, or mixed-use communities to recreational complexes – we can do it all! We collaborate throughout our design process with technical experts and industry leaders such as builders, civil engineers, architects, and ecologists as well as maintain strong relationships with municipal officials and community neighbors. We respect the varied resources of every site while striving to align with the strategic marketing plans of every client. As planners we like to be “the first boots on site and the last ones to leave.” GDC provides our clients with the reassuring thread that sews a whole development together. 



Provide high quality planning and landscape architecture services that meet our client’s needs throughout the developmental process.



Make impactful community improvements with beautiful, sustainable, and exceptional place-making master plans and designs.

Our Values

Through giving, sharing, gifting, and benefiting others for their good and for the good of the community, we create unique spaces that are functional in design, ecology, and social interactions. How do we do it? Well, we use a mixture of:


We collaborate within our team and with the wider community as a whole, and appreciate others’ expertise and contributions.


We begin with the end vision of the final result and work to achieve it, ensuring that vision becomes a reality for all to see.


Courage, resolve, and determination add up and allow us to create beautiful and
powerful ventures.


We open ourselves up to community members, property owners, churches and nonprofits, developers, city staff, aldermen, neighbors, and fellow co-workers for a welcoming chat to determine how we can help best.

Resourcefulness, Adaptability, and Flexibility

These are at the cornerstone of every development, where we navigate whatever is in front of us as a team to address complex problems of all scales.

Generosity and Kindness

Modeled after the personal and familial generosity of founder Greg Gamble, GDC embodies an altruistic and kind-hearted way of conducting business.


All work and no play make GDC a dull development firm! We get lunch together, have parties, or share philosophies over a drink to relax after long work weeks.


Our developments are the fruition of many years of dedication and investment from our clients. That is why we prioritize their goals as paramount when designing each site.


We resiliently navigate whatever is in front of us - regardless of the development stage, style, or location - no matter how complex the problem may be.

Charities and Partnerships

At GDC our passion doesn’t end with our developments. We strive to help our community flourish as much as possible. We partner with nonprofit organizations as a way to give back to the communities we love so much.

Experience the Gamble Design Collaborative Difference

GDC provides a unique range of services by our insightful, resourceful, and well-connected team members to make your developments a success. We would love to get in touch with you to discuss bringing your dream to reality.

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