Refuge Center

The Refuge Center for Counseling wanted to expand their facilities and build a permanent home for their counseling center along Long Lane in south Franklin. This new, 15,200 square feet holistic facility is fully equipped with separate waiting spaces for children to play and adults to find solitude or connection before or after sessions. A large multi-purpose room can be used for events, seminars, and group counseling work along with opportunities for the community to come together in the space. The Refuge Center will be able to care for around 90 individuals and families each week and allow them to double their help for children and teenagers from their previous facility.

Refuge Center’s mission is to offer “refuge” by providing a place that offers support, connection, hope, and healing to children, individuals and families facing crisis, loss, and suffering. As an “emotional first responder” often serving some of the most vulnerable in our community, those struggling with self-harm, suicidality domestic abuse and on, The Refuge Center for Counseling always has a significant demand for life‐saving mental and emotional health counseling at an affordable rate.

VISION: No matter who you are, where you’re from, what’s been done to you or what you have done, you deserve the highest quality of care and an opportunity to heal and flourish.

MISSION: The Refuge Center exists to offer excellent, accessible and affordable mental and emotional healthcare services in support of a transformational impact on communities.

Project Services

  • Master Planning
  • Entitlement
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Amenity Programming
  • Construction Drawings

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